Example Pictures

We just need simple snap shots of you, nothing fancy or professional is needed to apply, in fact, studios won’t hire you if all they see are pro pictures. They want to see you in natural normal light, not something that has been Photoshopped. Below are examples of what we need from great to bad.

You are applying for adult modeling and need to be comfortable showing your body. Nudes are required and need to be full body like the ones below. The required pictures are listed below, with examples underneath. Have the pictures ready before you start filling out the application.

We need at least 5 pictures of your face and body for the application.

Picture 1: Face picture
Picture 2: Shirtless Picture
Picture 3: Full Body Nude, Penis Limp
Picture 4: Full Body Nude, Penis Hard
Picture 5: Full Body Nude, Back
Extra Pictures: Any other pictures you wish to share.
*If you have any tattoos, each one must be visible in at least one of the photos. Add extra photos as needed to make sure we see all of them.


Tips for the Best Pictures:
  • Do not use Flash, try to get good lighting so you don’t need to use the camera flash. Flash adds 10 years to your face.
  • Try taking next to a window so you get natural light.
  • If you are using a smartphone or camera phone, double check in the settings that you are using the highest resolution and quality possible.
  • If using a timer, make sure the camera is not too low or high, you want the pictures looking straight on to your body, not up or down.
  • Try to get a tight frame so you take up most of the picture, not the background.
  • Smile in the pictures, show your teeth 🙂
  • Don’t worry if they are not perfect, these pictures are just meant to show us and the producers what your body looks likes, just make sure you look your best, no harsh shadows, stand up straight, and no odd angles. If you pay attention to that you will be fine.