What We DO:

We work as Talent Recruiters for several websites. We are independent and are not associated with the websites. By applying and working with us you save time by only filling out one application and increase your chances of getting hired because we have direct contacts at each website. We also find the best placement for you so you can achieve your highest earning potential. There is absolutely no cost to you ever. Currently we are only looking for guys who are willing to start out working in the adult industry.

Would this hurt my chances of being a Model in other industries?

Many current models have gotten their start doing adult modeling, so it will not hurt your chances of becoming a model in other lines of work like fashion or fitness. Even some movie stars like Simon Rex have gotten their start in adult entertainment. Frankly, if you are good enough to be a fashion model they wont care what you have done in the past, and having done adult work can actually help as today many fashion spreads have full frontal nudity, so your willingness to show off your assets will let them know you will be a good investment. Even a few of our models have crossed over into main stream work, check out our models section.

Do I have to pay for anything?

No, you will never have to pay anything, and nothing will come out of your pay. Studios pay for your travel expenses up front, including your flight and hotel; the only thing you have to do is get yourself to the airport in your hometown. They provide transportation to and from the airport while you are there for the shoot, as well to and from the hotel and studio. Most studios also cover your meals on the trip. So when we say you don’t have to pay for anything, we mean it.

How do I know this is real?

We get this question a lot and know guys don’t want to send their private pictures to us without knowing it is completely legit.  So how do you know? For one, we don’t charge you a dime; we are not looking for any of your money. Two, we only get paid if we find you a job, we work with our clients to fit their needs, and get paid by them if they use our models. So when we say you are right for us and our clients we mean it and we are sure we can find you a job. We don’t want to waste our or your time, so be assured we will not lead you on. Want to see more, take a look at some of our models’ comp cards. You can see the model’s actual audition pictures as well as the professional pictures from their paid photo shoots. We hope this can show you that this is for real and that we will find you work in the adult industry.

What are the studios like?

The studios are generally very laid back and you can have a lot of fun doing this for a living. But this is also still a business with a lot of money at stake, so you need to be professional and treat this like any other job, if you do that you should never have any problems and should get a good amount of work. If you are late, if you ever miss a flight, or if you go out and get wasted before a shoot, your time in this industry will be very short, so keep that in mind and make sure you want to do this before you set dates for shoots. It is fine if you are unsure when you apply and just want more info, if you back out it is no problem, if you change your mind in the future we will be happy to still work with you. But if you go through the whole booking process and then back out, you will not get another chance because the studio will lose money on your plane ticket and hotel, so do not commit until you are sure.

All the studios are legit offices, you will not be doing the videos in someone’s apartment or a hotel, these are high end spaces with professional equipment. Most of the studios now shoot everything in HD as well, so there is high quality production. They are all safe and clean and they make every possible effort to make you feel comfortable. And again, many guys think because these are gay sites that they have to have sex or something like that with the producers, which is absolutely untrue. That might happen with lower end studios, but the ones we work with are the best in the business and they treat it like a real business not as a way to hook up, so rest assured you will never have to do a casting couch or anything of that nature, you will do your work and that is it. No one will invade your personal space.

Types of Work:

Adult Work

Guys 18-35. The first job that you will get if hired is a Solo video shoot. A solo shoot is a video of you jerking-off. These shoots are extremely easy, 99% of guys complete it with no issues. The shoots are completely professional, no one will ever touch you or invade your private space, the same rules apply in the studio as they do outside, no one can touch you without your permission, so do not worry about anything like that. The shoot starts off with pictures, then a short interview, they then put a porno on for you to watch to help you get into the mood and get hard and then you just do your thing until you cum. The same thing you do most days for free, why not make some money for jerking off.


Make money working from home. Make your own hours and at your own pace. Top performers can make $40k and up a year working part-time. Great if you can’t travel or are from outside the USA, we accept models worldwide. Please email us at model@maverickgraphics1.com for more information on webcamming. Please include a few pictures with your inquiry.


Male/female sex videos, and you will need to start with a solo, and many times complete both videos on the same trip. Mainly open to younger looking college type guys as that is the look the studio looks for in its models. Get paid to fuck hot babes, what could be better?


Other types of work are gay scenes, but you in no way have to do any of that kind of work. While not required, it will help you to get hired if you are open to doing gay work.  Male/male work are sex scenes with a another man. These can range from getting a blow job, fucking a guy, giving a blow job, and getting fucked. Willingness to do male/male is not a requirement for employment.


How much can I make?

The pay for a solo video and straight video is $1,000-$2,000 depending on which site hires you. The average pay is $1,000.

The most you could make is for male/male, which ranges from $1,000 to $3,000 per video, sometimes more. These can range from getting a blow job, fucking a guy, giving a blow job, and getting fucked. The more you are willing to do the more videos shoots you will get, and the more money you will make.

So you can easily make more in one weekend than what you would make at a full time minium wage job even if you just do a solo. You can even make more in one weekend than you would working full time at a job that pays $15 an hour and up in a month. For example:

Full Time Job:
Minimum Wage: 35 hours X 7.25/hr = $253.75 per week X 4 = $1015 gross monthly pay – $63 social security – $15 medicare – $25 federal tax= $912 net one month.
Making $15/hr: 35 hours X $15/hr= $525 per week X 4 =$2100 gross monthly pay – $130 social security – $30.5 medicare – $210 federal tax= $1729.50 net one month.

Working with Us:

First Video- Solo Jerk off video $2,000,that’s $270 to $1,088 more for just one weekend over working a month at a full time job.
Next Video and Thereafter- Male/Male Video $3,000, that’s $1,270.5 to $2,088 more over a full time job in just one weekend!

Should I shave?

Body hair is actually preferred now in the adult industry as it moves to HD video. Most sites will ask that you grow it back before they work with you, so you should not shave. Plus, it is much easier to shave than to grow it back, so even if a studio wants you to shave that can quickly be taken care of instead of having to wait weeks to grow it back. **IMPORTANT** If you are asked to grow back your pubes and you show up heavily trimmed or shaved, or if you shave or trim before a shoot when they ask you not to, the studio will cancel the shoot and you will not get paid.

Can I get work with Straight sites?

We do not work with any straight only sites at this time for many reasons, the main one being that they just do not pay guys well. They only pay $100-500 per shoot for guys and rarely cover the travel costs for male actors, they spend their money on the girls. We know some guys shy away when they hear it is for a gay site, but if you really think about it, being on a gay site makes this much more discreet as it is much less likely that someone you know will see your work. We have never had a model be found out by friends or family mainly because most guys are straight with straight friends so they are not looking for naked guys on the web, and women don’t really look at porn to begin with. Also, working with our sites gets you a leg up if you do want to break into straight porn.

Where are some locations?

Studios are located in San Diego, LA, and Las Vegas. We are located in Rhode Island, If you are in the area we can meet, others can apply through the online application. For webcamming you can work from home anywhere in the world. We also hold casting calls around the country from time to time.

I am not located in any of these cites, can I still apply?

Yes, you can. If a website wants to work with you, they will pay to fly you out to their studio and put you up in a hotel. You would be there for at least two days, most studios can book during the weekend so most guys don’t have to take time off of work or school. We work with guys in the USA and Canada for studio shoots and guys worldwide for webcamming.

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